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Welcome to Okanagan Film Studios

Okanagan Studios is British Columbia’s newest full service film studio and the only production studio space located in the beautiful Okanagan.  

Located just 25 minutes from the Kelowna International Airport, Okanagan Studios offers over 50,000 square feet of dedicated stages, flex space, furnished offices and ample parking across our 4 acre lot.  

Take advantage of British Columbia’s Out Of Zone Regional + Distance tax credits with the only studio east of greater Vancouver!  Combined the tax credits available for shooting in the Okanagan rank among the highest in North America.  With local crew, diverse landscapes, small town value and up to a 69.5% tax credit Okanagan Studios is an ideal home for your next project.

Phase one repurposing of Okanagan Studios has been complete with two additional phases in the works to expand the lot and add additional stages including two new locations in Kelowna (servicing central Okanagan locations) and Penticton (servicing southern Okanagan locations).

Okanagan studios is your one stop shop studio group supplying space and resources from North, Central and South Okanagan.


Okanagan Studios has an existing crew list of local specialized crew; from producers, directors, production coordinators, accountants, camera operators, assistants, locations, grips, electric, art department, set decorators, construction, costume, hair & makeup, post, VFX, sound, catering all the way down to PA’s.   For the studio crew list of local crew please contact us for more information.

For a complete list of crew located across the Okanagan check out the Okanagan Film Commissions site here:  http://www.okanaganfilm.com/production-directory/

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